What do people talk about in counseling?

The lives of contemporary people are complex and challenging, it is easy to feel distress, discomfort and to develop mental or physical illness as a response.  I have worked with individuals, couples and families from diverse populations representing a variety of cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.  My holistic approach values the understanding and integration of the body, mind and spirit as important aspects of one's health and well-being.

My approach to counseling is based on a creative spirit of collaboration with the client,  my work is centered in traditional psychological perspectives (Psychodynamic, Relational-Cultural, Interpersonal and Family Systems) and addresses a broad range of concerns including anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, grief and loss, and existential concerns.  I have a special interest in diversity issues, life transitions challenges, racial an ethnic identity, academic and work place stress and the integration of spiritual/religious issues and psychology.

In my role as a psychologist, I consider it to be an honor and privilege to join my clients in their journey through life. I offer a listening ear, a compassionate heart, the knowledge of psychology and the wisdom of life.  It is my hope that my clients will feel heard, understood and dignified.  It is my expectation that they will grow in understanding of self, others and the world around them and how to be effective and productive at home, work and play. 

Some people prefer to have individual counseling which is a one to one relationship with a therapist.  There are times when people benefit from group counseling, where they discuss issues in a group with others who are working on the same life changes and goals.